clarite.plot.histogram(data, column:str, figsize:Tuple[int, int]=(12, 5), title:Union[str, NoneType]=None, figure:Union[figure, NoneType]=None, **kwargs)

Plot a histogram of the values in the given column. Takes kwargs for seaborn’s distplot.

data: pd.DataFrame

The DataFrame containing data to be plotted

column: string

The name of the column that will be plotted

figsize: tuple(int, int), default (12, 5)

The figure size of the resulting plot

title: string or None, default None

The title used for the plot

figure: matplotlib Figure or None, default None

Pass in an existing figure to plot to that instead of creating a new one (ignoring figsize)


Other keyword arguments to pass to the distplot function of Seaborn



>>> import clarite
>>> title = f"Discovery: Skew of BMIMBX = {stats.skew(nhanes_discovery_cont['BMXBMI']):.6}"
>>> clarite.plot.histogram(nhanes_discovery_cont, column="BMXBMI", title=title, bins=100)