Photo of Molly Hall
Molly Hall

Assistant Professor

Lab Staff:

Photo of Andre Rico
Andre Rico


Photo of Nicole Palmiero
Nicole Palmiero

Research Technician


Graduate Students:

Photo of Morris Aguilar
Morris Aguilar

MD/PhD Student (BG)


Undergraduate Students:


Summer 2020

ASHG 2019

Summer 2018

Former Members:

Photo of Allison Ludman
Allison Ludman

Undergraduate Researcher

Photo of Anastasia Lucas
Anastasia Lucas

Hall Lab Affiliate

Photo of Jiayan Zhou
Jiayan Zhou

PhD Student (Pathobiology)

Photo of John McGuigan
John McGuigan


Photo of Kristin Passero
Kristin Passero

PhD Student (MCIBS)

Photo of Rory Coughlin
Rory Coughlin

Undergraduate Researcher

Photo of Serina Blessing
Serina Blessing

Undergraduate Researcher

Photo of Tomás González Zarzar
Tomás González Zarzar

Postdoctoral Researcher